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A selection of our Meetyoo event clients:

Our Tech Partner – New World Events

We work in close partnership with New World Events to provide all platform access and technical support for your event

Key Benefits When Collaborating with Us

End-to-end management of event

We offer a robust event management service that takes care of everything. Depending on the needs of your project, we will provide as little or as much assistance as you need. Hence our events production staff will always be on hand to help in every way necessary.

Best practices of online events and conferences

Many organizations are racing to virtualize their physical events. A simulated experience requires expertise and competence that can only be unique to online events and conferences. Through our services, we provide such expertise of best practices, curated specifically for your teams.

Training of speakers and other actively involved people

Often speakers are selected solely on their experience, not their speaking capacity. That means many of them aren’t ready. Well, with our experienced staff we take care of that, so that your speakers are ready for the prime time.

Consulting regarding agenda structure and optimisation

Content surely matters- but so do agenda structure and optimization of events. New World Events helps our customers and companies with consultation in agenda structure and its optimization to master the strategies that enable and spark conversation and engagement.

Global team across six countries allows 24 hours support

We believe that help should not be time-bound. Hence with a team operating from six countries around the world, you can expect support 24×7

Dedicated event support

Having access to a dedicated team to address any potential issue provides peace of mind and the certainty to achieve great outcomes.

Sole focus on online and hybrid events and conferences ensures broad expertise

Connecting people virtually to share knowledge.
We take the stress away from conference and event management, and allow you to focus solely on your online event experience. We focus on our core competency:
– online and hybrid events
– using the leading platform Meetyoo.

Present your ideas as you visualize it

Meetyoo offes an endless set of visual impressions and opportunities. Together, we work on the best possible approach so that the visual experience supports the functional experience to create an overall positive result.


Best-in-class Platform

New World Events decided to use the highly scalable and flexible platform Meetyoo as the go-to solution for premium events.


One of the key strengths of Meetyoo is the high degree of flexibility and adjustability.
This way, numerous scenarios can be integrated into the event experience from individually tailored experiences to integration of various external solutions like Microsoft Teams and Zoom and much more.


Our key priority in any Meetyoo event is your success. Based on more than 50 successful events, we have developed an approach that maps out a clear path and puts your success at the center of our activities.

Meet Tony Kula, CEO and Founder meetyoo conferencing

Now you can work with a global implementation partner to make your event a huge success, too.
German based premium conferencing platform Meetyoo has been a leading provider of digital and virtual events in Europe for over 10 years.
They coordinate over 10 million conference minutes every month for over 3,000 customers in all industries and across the globe.
During a time when we have to travel less to reduce our carbon footprint but also the personal risk and effort involved in traveling, online and hybrid events and conferences are an increasingly interesting alternative. But it requires a lot of work, knowledge and experience. That is where we come in to help you.
Have your custom-design conference hall

Each Main Hall is different – either based on templates with the own look and feel or completely bespoke.
Corporate Identity, logos, sponsors, backgrounds. There are no limits to what we can create together.
Experienced Designers:
Work with our designers to create the unique experience for your audience.
When you want to build on proven templates, we help you out.
Of course, we can use your templates again for the next event together.
Halls, In-between Halls, and other elements
Exhibition Halls:
You have partners or exhibitors you want to involve? Exhibition Halls provide a great visual and structure.
Like with the Main Hall, Exhibition Halls can play a key role in branding. For example, you can have a Hall for partners and one for sponsors and a third for other stakeholders.
Multiplas Options:
Halls can also come in all shapes and forms depending on the needs and situation.

Auditoriums – online or with a real stage

Professional Streaming:
A key component of Meetyoo is a professional and world-class streaming technology.
We work with you on the best model for your situation.
You can have online auditoriums, real stages, live sessions or pre-recorded sessions.
You know exactly what is poplular and what you should do again at your next event.
Booths – the heart of the interaction
Of course, also booths are designed professionally to provide a seaming-less and professional experience.
Real Avatar:
A major feature of the booths is the Avatars. Visitors interact with the real avatars of your employees. And when they are offline on a short break, visitors can still leave messages.
Chat Options:
There are multiple ways to interact via chat with the individuals at the booth or overall at a booth. During the preparation, we discuss potential scenarios.
Unique of template based:
Similar to the other elements, we are here to help with templates. Alternatively, we design and create any booth you want. Let’s get creative together.


What a collaboration !!

Europol hosted their annual EDEN (Europol Data Protection Networks) event. We had less than 4 weeks to put this together…but with individuals such as Jan Ellerman, Alkmini Gianni, and Michael Alf we were able to pull off a remarkable project, ending with a live band performing the audience’s favorite covers..and they were excellent

Mike Horne
International Sales Manager

Remarkable success

I worked with Michael for the organisation of the EU Green Week 2020 virtual conference; the task was to create a virtual platform in a matter of weeks. The stakes were high and thanks to Michael’s professionnalism and broad experience, the event was a remarkable success

Petra Gherasim
Project Manager

Great event !!

Michael hosted our annual partner forum in DACH, which we held for the first time as a virtual format. He and his team supported us with creative ideas, questioned our planning, answered all questions and shared their business experience. We had a great event, a lot of fun with you and are looking forward to the next event!! Thanks

Sebastian Lai
Head of Partner Sales at NTT Global Data Centers EMEA
CEO – New World Events

Michael Alf

Over the course of his long career, Michael has filled executive roles in Europe, Asia, and Australia. Additionally, he has a tremendous digital history. He began performing Interactive Summits over the internet with thousands of people as early as 2015, and he took everything he knew and translated it to a book (Virtual Summit Formula).
Via the introduction of his latest business, New World Events, he’s adapting the learning he acquired from the many online and hybrid events to deliver world-class digital events for his customers.
Besides, the organization is watching the demand for emerging potential technologies. Also, Michael is an involved participant in the VR/AR space, as a member of Germany’s VR Business Club and the VR/AR Association where he is the lead for the Community of Practice Events.
Finally, he is a keynote speaker himself so he knows events from all angles.

Case Studies

How The University of Adelaide Became a Global Campus


Faced with the realities of COVID-19, the University of Adelaide turned their on-campus open day into a global gathering.
The University wanted to showcase their facilities in an immersive, accessible and engaging way. The key requirement of carrying out such an event was to create experience at a larger scale.
Solution: Rather than having students look at static images, the University of Adelaide with NWE built an immersive digital representation of their North Terrace campus and students got to explore the campus buildings from the safety of their own homes!

  • Open Day 2020 attracted 4500 registrations!
  • At any one time, the event handled between 1000 to 1300 simultaneous participants.
  • Students participated in 72 pre-recorded lectures with live Q&A chat.
  • We developed 40 booths across five faculties plus another 20 booths representing the University.

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Como a EBMT conseguiu proporcionar partilha de conhecimento para profissionais m├ędicos


Adapting to the realities of COVID-19, the European Group for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT) wanted healthcare professionals an intuitive way to promote progress in patient care.
Typically held in March, EBMT postponed the event to the end of summer when COVID-19 affected events throughout Europe. Even with rescheduling, it became clear a physical event was impossible.

EBMT identified three central requirements which was that the event needed to be user-friendly, dynamic and reliable

Our support team worked closely with EBMT staff and offered guidance and feedback. Quick response times enabled a seamless experience,from setup to close. For delegates attending the event, the digital platform let them intuitively find what they were looking for. Attendees participated in the event ontheir own terms, and had the time and energy to remain engaged.

  • Over 10,500 people had logged into the platform by day 4 of the event.
  • 36 exhibitor and partner booths
  • 157 auditorium sessions (with 68 live sessions)

View Case Study

Our global team has worked on a large number of major meetyoo projects in Australia, Europe, North America and Mexico
Digital events for all occasions with individual and global support in Australia, Asia Pacific, Europe and North America in English, French and Spanish.
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