Hybrid is not the Future, it is already the Present!

We help you to organise a digital (or hybrid) event from planning to the full tech stack 

You’re in good hands

Strategy & Planning

Plan your event based on the desired outcome, more leads, profit, more impact and so on.

Event Promotion

The hardest part is to get the word out, there are so many channels and options, but we know the right ones

Event platform

We work with multiple solutions, from the small networking event to the full scale 50k people trade fair

We have worked with

Some tech examples we work with

Meetings don’t need to be boring

We work with tools that make your work meetings more interactive, with polls, interactive agenda, shared docs and event 3D environment. 

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Networking events that feel real

Planning a simple session for your team, or a networking event for your community, then this spatial solution is for you

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Hybrid multi stage platform

A full featured 2D platform for multiple content events, with virtual booths for partners, networking and workshop rooms is exactly what we have done month after month

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3D Event Platforms are now accessible

3D experience will always cause a great impression on the participants, and today you can have this solution for your trade fair, or university day, or just a conference for a fraction of its value a couple of years ago

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Platforms we work with

Our last events

Some pricing examples


Spatial Solution


  • Up to 100 ppl
  • One Image background
  • Tech support

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Online Summit (Low Cost)

Full platform (no support)


  • Up to 500 ppl
  • Virtual Booths (Sponsors)
  • Networking Area

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Online Conference

Full platform + Support


  • Unlimited (cost per user)
  • Tech training (admins and speakers)
  • Event Day Support

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3D Event

Full platform (no support)


  • Up to 250
  • 5 booths
  • 4 hours streaming

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The prices above are indicative, to use as a reference and not a final cost for any situation

Client reviews

It was very reashuring to have NFEvents always with us along the way to make sure our first event would look professional and issueless. 

Ellie C

Project Manager

The tech knowledge Joao brings to the table was vey important for us to stay on top of the best tools for our needs. There are conferences and there are icebreaking sessions, and networking and all of that needs to be considered because tools like zoom and meet don’t make the cut anymore. 



Webinar about Event Platforms

Giving a webinar about event platforms for Spark of Change

Spark of Change conference is one of the biggest online event for online event experts and we were invited to talk about different platforms for different purpose, and it’s endless search

Online course to create online summits

Join our online course to create Online Summits (only Portuguese)

Para todos os profissionais ou empresas que querem escalar os seus negócios e não querem contratar um consultor, temos este curso que dá um overview completo de criação de eventos bem como todas as ferramentas necessárias para o fazer. 

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